General FAQs

What is Front Row Style?

Born in Melbourne – Australia’s capital of style - Front Row Style is a marketplace dedicated to making fashion accessible to everyone. We’ve created a community boutique that allows you to rent and offer pieces from local and globally-sourced brands. Connect with luxurious style without the RRP price tag. Found out more here.

How do I get in contact with Front Row Style?

We are as passionate about fashion as we are committed to the complete satisfaction of the  Front Row Style community.

Contact our team on info@frontrowstyle.com.au or 0499855999.

If you’re Interested in hiring our items for e-commerce, shoots, or content collaborations, download our Hiring Packages Catalogue.

What is the benefit of clothing rentals?

We believe there’s more to fashion than buying an outfit, only to wear it once and leave it sitting in the back of your wardrobe for months to come. Renting clothes removes this all-too-common and unsustainable trend, allowing you to dazzle with minimised strain on the environment and your purse. For owners, renting out your outfit lets you gain from your initial purchase and allows you to share a sense luxury with fashion-conscious people just like you.

How is Front Row Style environmentally friendly?

We’re working to tackle the over production and mass discarding of luxury fashion by promoting  the reuse, reappreciation and recycling of clothing. By giving our community the opportunity to get their hands on pre-loved premium fashion pieces, we’re helping to reduce the amount of clothing heading to landfill and give every clothing item a fresh new lease on life. Learn about Front Row Styles commitment to sustainability here.

How private is the personal information that Front Row Style receives?

We use the personal information you provide on Front Row Style for our business functions and to ensure the safety of both garments and members. The privacy of this information is very important to us, meaning it will not be shared externally and used only for Front Row Style-specific activities.

Renting FAQs

How does online renting work?

Front Row Style connects those looking for a one-off luxury outfit with those who own them. After registering, simply choose a category or check out some new arrivals to find the look you desire. Found the perfect fit? Get in touch with the owner and you’ll be on your way to looking vogue in no time. For more details, see here for a more in-depth guide to hiring, or here if you’re an owner wanting to share your style with the world.

How do I choose the perfect outfit?

Make sure to have your size and your desired style in mind, then choose your vibe on the categories page or scout Front Row Style’s new arrivals for endless inspiration.

How do you contact an owner or renter?

During the renting process, you will exchange details with the owner or seller. Communication then occurs off-site in whatever way you choose so you can organise and discuss all the details with them directly. Explore our renting tips for more information and advice.

I’m having trouble reaching an owner or renter, what do I do?

There are many reasons why an owner or renter has difficulty replying, namely technical issues, incorrect contact details or general personal reasons. Both parties are encouraged to check their “other” inbox on social media platforms during correspondence just in case messages are funnelled there. Read our renting tips for pointers to avoid this occurring.

While patience is key, we understand you want to hear back. Front Row Style is committed to a seamless and secure process with confidence, so if you’re concerned contact our team on info@frontrowstyle.com.au or 0499855999 and we’ll reach out on your behalf.

How does shipping work?

Shipping processes are decided primarily by owners and are confirmed by both parties. Make sure to thoroughly communicate desired means of shipping, renting timelines and how items are to be returned. Remember to pass on tracking numbers for all mail orders. Discover more in-depth guidelines here.

When will my order arrive?

As shipping measures are organised between owner and renter, arrival times will vary. A post tracking number is paramount to a secure and traceable transaction. 

How should garments or accessories be returned?

How items are to be returned are dictated by the owner of the garment. This includes shipping or drop-off arrangements and whether the garment is to be washed, dry-cleaned or otherwise following wearing. As an owner, make sure to discuss this prior to outfit shipping. 

What do I do if I’ve damaged an item?

In the world of fashion, damage is inevitable. Many small tears, holes, stains, missing trims and parts are commonly easy to fix, you just have to be upfront with the owner. Take as many photos as possible to best capture the damage and share it with them. In most instances, you can both work together to remedy the situation. You may have to take the garment to a seamstress or dry cleaner for repair yourself or offer to pay for repairs after you send the garment back. Keep a record of any receipts and invoices to ensure that the appropriate prices are being paid.

For more substantial damage and garments that are beyond repair, you may have to compensate the owner with the full RRP. Many owners will have their own terms and conditions regarding damage so make sure you are aware of them before renting.