Rent with confidence, pass on with certainty  

Whether you’re an owner or a renter, you want to be sure that every transaction is as seamless as can be. Here’s a few tips that can help guarantee your Front Row Style experience is a special one, everytime.

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As a renter:

  • Have a complete profile - Before you rent anything, it is recommended your profile is as thoroughly filled out as possible so you stand out as a trustworthy individual.

  • Communicate thoroughly - Upon contacting an owner, ensure you communicate what kind of occasion you need the outfit for and the exact date you intend to use it. Also, don’t forget to confirm how long the rental period is and if there is a bond of some sort. This allows for a sense of transparency between both of you.
  • Confirm method of pick-up - Discuss pick-up method - whether it is to be in-person or via post. If postage is decided, it is recommended you go the express route and that you always obtain a tracking number. As far as postage payment goes, please work this out with the owner.
  • Understand return guidelines - Confirm how they would like the item returned - dry-cleaned, hand-washed, untouched? Every garment requires a different approach to prevent damage and ensure longevity.

As an owner:

  • Have a complete profile - Just like a renter with a filled-out profile is one you’re more likely to rent to, make sure your owner profile is just as complete.
  • Clearly communicate your terms and conditions - For your own peace of mind, it is essential to trust your piece will come back as beautiful as it was before you sent it off to be rediscovered, or really just come back, period. Thorough communication is the key to confirming this - asking questions about the kind of occasion and date of event is recommended, as is clearly stating your conditions such as the preferred method of payment, postage/pick-up, existence of a security deposit and ideal return guidelines (including cleaning process). Front Row Style also suggests that you do not dispatch the item without receiving payment first. However, as you are an entrepreneur, it is really up to you how you conduct transactions.
  • Collect contact information - To ensure you are able to confirm the identity and easily contact a renter, it is worth collecting a copy of their driver’s licence and verifying their phone number. Whether you’re offering one item or 20, Front Row Style suggests keeping a logbook with these details and return dates to encourage a trackable, stress-free process.

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