Fashion worn time and time again

Own a luxury piece that you simply adore but just doesn’t fit into your current wardrobe rotation? 

Become a Front Row Style owner to share your much-loved look with someone looking for something special. It may not be new for you, but it’ll bring a fresh new twist to the wardrobe of someone else. 

The best part? You can get started in just 3 simple steps. 

Become an owner 

  1. Make a Front Row Style profile on our quick and easy sign up page. We recommend you provide as much information as possible when creating your profile (including profile picture and social media links) so that it sticks out as legitimate and contactable online. 

  2. List your item for rent. Filling in a thorough description that includes brand, design details, size, composition, any damage and alterations, original RRP and garment location will help prospective renters know exactly what you’re offering. Oh, and don’t forget to include pictures!

    Unlike other platforms, Front Row Style we only charge a low, once off listing fee for each item. This means you pay a fee at the initial listing, not every time it’s rented, which means you’ll pocket 100% of the renting price after the first transaction.

  3. Your items are now live and available for rent on the Front Row Style marketplace. You’ll be notified once one of your pieces catches someone’s eye and you’ll have the chance to speak directly with them to arrange the pick-up, requirements and other conditions.